Thanksgiving Day Beer

6 Facts About Beer to be Grateful About on Thanksgiving Day

The first Thanksgiving Day is supposed to be held in Massachusetts in 1621 and was officially celebrated in the USA as a bank holiday in 1863. From that year onwards Americans throughout their country, in Canada and around the world are celebrating this day with a grand feast. It’s a day to be grateful. Originally people were grateful for harvests, now people are grateful for having the latest iPhone 🙂 But humor aside, here are the 6 facts about beer you have to be grateful about this year.

  1. The first brewers in America were the native Americans
  2. Before 1600’s people appreciated beer more than water, because it was allegedly more nutritious and sanitary – good times 🙂
  3. The first beer, brewed by immigrants in the USA, was brewed in Roanoke, VA
  4. Brewers were wanted in England to go to America to brew beer, because shipments of this valuable drink were too slow towards America
  5. The first brewery was opened in Manhattan by Dutch immigrants and the first non-native American was born there
  6. The Mayflower ship is supposed to shorten their trip and stop in Plymouth due to beer shortage on board

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